Yo! Home: The ‘Convertible’ Apartment | Synopsis

Yo! Home: The ‘Convertible’ Apartment


A prototype for an innovative new kind of living space is now on show at the 100 % Design exhibit in London. It’s small– a minimum of at first glance. The 800-square-foot room transforms into 4 different spaces to optimize just what would be the equivalent of an extremely small one-bedroom apartment. (All images by Theo Cohen/Yo! Residence )

The elevator bed in the down position. It rises into the ceiling to expose a sunken living room. The ingenious principle home was become pregnant and developed by the creator of the international restaurant chain Yo! Sushi and the capsule hotel brand name Yotel, Simon Woodroffe. The unit comes total with a surround-sound home theater. Woodroffe says he was affected by Japanese living, where versatile formats permit numerous uses of restricted space. The mechanical dining room rises from the flooring with a table and bench seats.


Simon Woodroffe

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0.113257 “Twelve moving parts draw on a wealth of engineering technology taken from fields as diverse as yacht and automotive design and the mechanics of stage production, allowing the transformation of an 80-square-meter space into a much bigger home,” says Woodroffe.
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Yo! Home: The ‘Convertible’ Apartment

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A prototype for a revolutionary new kind of living space is now on display at the 100% Design exhibition in London. It’s small — at least at first glance. The 800-square-foot room converts into four different spaces to maximize what would be the equivalent of…

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