Wheel You Marry Me? Europe Has Crush on Cycling | Synopsis

Wheel You Marry Me? Europe Has Crush on Cycling


Cycling through the heart of some European cities can be a terrifying experience as you jostle for space with cars, trucks and scooters that whizz by with only inches to spare. Thankfully for bicycle enthusiasts, a movement is afoot to create more room for cycling in the urban infrastructure. From London’s “cycle superhighways” to popular bike-sharing programs in Paris and Barcelona, growing numbers of European cities are embracing cycling as a safe, clean, healthy, inexpensive and even trendy way to get around town. Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and the Danish capital, Copenhagen, are the pioneers of this movement, and serve as role models for other cities considering cycling’s potential to reduce congestion and pollution, while contributing to public health.


John Pucher

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0.136476 John Pucher, a professor of urban planning at Rutgers University in New Jersey and co-author of a new book titled “City Cycling.”
0 “Americans make only 1 percent of their trips by bike compared to 26 percent in the Netherlands, 18 percent in Denmark, and 8-10 percent in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and Finland,” Pucher told …
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Marie Kaastrup

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0.0982055 “A cycle highway is where cyclists get highest priority, with few obstacles and as few stops as possible,” said Marie Kaastrup, …
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City: Copenhagen

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City: London

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City: Amsterdam

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City: Paris

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City: Barcelona

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Continent: Europe

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Country: the Netherlands

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Country: Belgium

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Country: Denmark

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Country: Finland

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StateOrCounty: New Jersey

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Organization: Rutgers University

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European cities promote cycling with everything from ‘superhighways’ to revolving bike racks

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Wheel You Marry Me? Europe Has Crush on Cycling


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