NTSB Focuses on Bad Truck Brakes in Amtrak Crash | Reduction

NTSB Focuses on Bad Truck Brakes in Amtrak Crash

Burgundy Semi Truck

Burgundy Semi Truck by Rennett Stowe
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An inattentive trucker with a history of speeding violations driving a tractor-trailer with faulty brakes was the probable cause of a fatal collision with an Amtrak train that left six people dead in northern Nevada last year, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded Tuesday. On a 5-0 vote, the panel also agreed that the weakness of passenger car walls likely contributed to the number of deaths and more than a dozen injuries after the truck skidded 300 feet into the train at a rural crossing on June 24, 2011. It recommended new strength standards be developed. NTSB investigators said the truck driver apparently didn’t notice the train because he was fatigued as a result of inconsistent sleeping patters, was suffering from ankle pain or possibly could have been checking messages on his cellphone.



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NTSB Focuses on Bad Truck Brakes in Amtrak Crash

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NTSB focusing on faulty truck brakes in semi crash with Amtrak train that killed 6 in Nevada

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