Uruguay’s President Cancels Spain Trip for Health | Redux

Uruguay’s President Cancels Spain Trip for Health

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Uruguay’s president has canceled his trip to the Ibero-American Summit in Spain, saying doctors have ordered bed rest after a painful blood clot was found in his lower right leg. The 77-year-old Jose Mujica says the clot was found with a sonogram and that he’s following doctors’ orders to relax at home for two or three days while taking anti-coagulant medicine. Mujica announced his medical condition Thursday during his regular radio interview on Uruguay’s M-24 station, and the presidency confirmed that he won’t be traveling to the summit in order to avoid the risk of a thrombosis. That’s a potentially deadly situation that can happen if a blood clot breaks free from a vein in the leg and travels to the heart.


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Uruguay president has painful blood clot in leg, cancels Spain summit trip on doctor’s orders

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Uruguay’s President Cancels Spain Trip for Health

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