Wine And Food May Rekindle Love Lost Between Russia And Georgia | Reduction

Wine And Food May Rekindle Love Lost Between Russia And Georgia

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It’s a big day in the religious and culinary calendar of the Republic of Georgia. Georgian Catholics observe Dec. 17 as St. Barbara’s Day, in honor of an early Christian martyr. And they typically mark the occasion by eating a type of stuffed bread called lobiani, baked with a filling of boiled beans with coriander and onions. It’s a tradition that’s also observed at many restaurants in Russia, where Georgian food is the favorite foreign cuisine — fresher, spicier and more imaginative cooking than many Russians ever get at home. In fact, Georgian cookery is to Russia what Italian cuisine is to America — a national education of the taste buds, an illustration of the lesson that at the heart of the good life is good food.


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Wine And Food May Rekindle Love Lost Between Russia And Georgia

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Many Russians will join their Georgian neighbors in feasting on Georgian specialties for St. Barbara’s Day. But the countries’ political relations have led to restrictions on imports of Georgian wine and mineral water. A recent thawing offers hope for a sweeter future.

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