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Egyptian rivals: Constitution appears to be passing

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Polling station officials count ballots in Cairo on Friday at the end of the first day of vote in a referendum on a new constitution. CAIRO – Egyptians appeared to have voted narrowly in favor of a constitution shaped by Islamists, officials in rival camps said on Sunday after the first round of a two-stage referendum. The result based on unofficial tallies, if confirmed for this round and repeated in Saturday’s second stage, may give Islamist President Mohamed Morsi limited cause for celebration as it shows the wide rift in Egypt at a time when he needs to build consensus on tough measures to heal a fragile economy. Official results are not expected till after the next round. Morsi and his backers say the constitution is vital to move Egypt’s democratic transition forward.


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President Mohamed Morsi

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Hosni Mubarak

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Mohamed ElBaradei

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Susan Rice

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Adel Imam

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Sentiment Quote
0.323726 “The sheikhs (preachers) told us to say ‘yes’ and I have read the constitution and I liked it,” said Adel Imam, …
0.144319 “The sheikhs (preachers) told us to say ‘yes’ and I have read the constitution and I liked it,” said Adel Imam, 53, as he queued to vote in Cairo on Saturday. “The country will move on.”
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Amr Moussa

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Howaida Abdel Azeem

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-0.0878205 Howaida Abdel Azeem, a post office employee, said: “I said ‘yes’ because I want the destruction the country is living through to be over and the crisis to pass.”
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Gamal Eid

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Michael Nour

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0.17748 Michael Nour, a 45-year-old Christian teacher in Alexandria, said: “I voted ‘no’ to the constitution out of patriotic duty. The constitution does not represent all Egyptians.”
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Hamdeen Sabahy

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City: Cairo

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City: Alexandria

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Country: Egypt

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Country: US

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Country: Japan

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FieldTerminology: parliamentary election

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FieldTerminology: exit polls

Overall Sentiment: -0.26728

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FieldTerminology: South Africans

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Organization: Wafd party

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Organization: Freedom and Justice Party

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Organization: Muslim Brotherhood

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Organization: National Salvation Front

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Organization: Arab League

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Company: NBC

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Egyptian rivals: Constitution appears to be passing

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Egyptians appeared to have voted narrowly in favor of a constitution shaped by Islamists, officials in rival camps say.

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