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‘Adorable Little Town’ Rattled by Shooting

Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Sandy Hook, New Jersey by Dougtone
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“[We] never would have thought anything like this would happen here. It’s a large town but it’s got a real small-town, family feel, and this is just unimaginable,” Christine, a mother of a student at Sandy Hook, told ABC News today. As of November, Sandy Hook Elementary School had 456 children enrolled, according to Newtown Public Schools. Most are between 4 and 10 years old. Joan Varga, whose 24-year-old son Teddy is a fourth grade teacher of all subjects at Sandy Hook, told ABCNews. com that the fourth grade class sang at the high school this week. Gary Jeanfaivre/Newton PatchThe outside of Sandy Hook Elementary School,… View Full Size “It was big deal, they were so excited. It’s a great school, it’s a community school. The ceilings are relatively low, the basketball hoops are low. These are just innocent kids. It’s awful,” she said.


Sandy Hook

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Facility: Sandy Hook Elementary School

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‘Adorable Little Town’ Rattled by Shooting

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The small town of Newtown, Conn. was shocked when gunmen killed nearly 30 people, mostly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a school that parents in the quaint community call “an adorable little town.”

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