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Dubious distinction for Chicago parking meters

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On New Year’s Day, meters in the city’s downtown Loop area will begin charging $6. 50 an hour, up from $5. 75 – which was already the highest rate in the U. S, reports CBS Chicago station WBBM-TV. The station cites TheExpiredMeter. com as saying $6. 50 will be the highest rate in the continent. The company that operates the meters, Chicago Parking Meters LLC, plans to have all machines set to new rates by the end of February. Former Mayor Richard Daley got the City Council to approve the company’s 75-year contract in 2008. In return, the city got a $1. 1 billion payment, much of which has already been spent. Current Mayor Rahm Emanuel has ordered an independent audit of the deal, which is now largely viewed as a financial disaster. 2013 will be the fifth straight year in which Chicago’s rates rise, WBBM says.


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Dubious distinction for Chicago parking meters

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Downtown rates, already highest in U.S. at $5.75 an hour, to rise to $6.50 Jan. 1, highest in North America

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