Mozambique Highway Collision Kills 14 | Synopsis

Mozambique Highway Collision Kills 14

Island of Mozambique

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Radio Mozambique pointed out police as saying 11 people were also injured in the mishap on Friday. It occurred 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of the capital, Maputo. Police say all those killed were on the minibus that had been going too quickly, and that the motorist was amongst the injured. Some passengers in the various other vehicle, also a minibus, had minor injuries. Traffic on some motorways in Mozambique weighes at this time of year as people operating in South African mines return house for the Christmas season. Lots of South African tourists also see Mozambique over the holiday period.


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Mozambique Highway Collision Kills 14

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Mozambique: 14 killed in head-on collision as highway traffic builds ahead of Christmas break


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