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Crew Tows Whale Carcass Out to Sea

Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation

Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation by
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A tugboat towed the decomposing carcass of a whale from a Malibu beach out to sea, several days after it washed ashore and created a stench near the homes of movie stars and millionaires. The remains of the 40,000-pound fin whale were towed Saturday about 20 miles from shore by a crew hired by a homeowners’ association, Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Brian Riley said. The 40-foot-long juvenile male washed ashore Monday near Point Dume, attracting onlookers who wandered down the narrow beach to look at the remains — white bones, rolls of blubber and the tail flukes trailing along the water’s edge. Massive estates line the cliffs high above the beach. A woman walks her dog past a dead young male…


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Tugboat tows whale carcass rotting on Malibu beach out to sea

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Crew Tows Whale Carcass Out to Sea


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