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Spain’s elBulli Restaurant to Sell Wine Cellar

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Spain’s famed chef Ferran Adria says the contents of the wine cellar of his former restaurant, elBulli, is to be auctioned off to raise funds for his new project. ElBulli served its last supper and closed in July last year with Adria and business partner Juli Soler planning to establish “an experimental center looking at the process of innovation and creativity.” Adria told The Associated Press on Saturday that the sale is to raise funds for the foundation. Sotheby’s auction house says more than 8,800 bottles from elBulli’s cellar would be auctioned next year with a view to raising an estimated $1. 6 million. El Bulli maintained an almost unattainable Michelin three-star status for over a decade and was rated the world’s best restaurant five times by British magazine The Restaurant.


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Spain’s elBulli restaurant sells its wine cellar to help fund chef Ferran Adria’s next venture

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Spain’s elBulli Restaurant to Sell Wine Cellar

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