$1,500 grand prizes for killing Burmese pythons | Synopsis

$1,500 grand prizes for killing Burmese pythons

A beautiful Burmese python

A beautiful Burmese python by Tiger Girl
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Florida python permit holders and the general public will get a chance to compete in the month-long competition to see who can harvest the longest and the most Burmese pythons. Grand prizes of $1,500 for harvesting the most Burmese pythons will be awarded to winners of both the general competition and the python permit holders competition, with additional $1,000 prizes for the longest Burmese python harvested in both competitions. A Burmese python pregnant with 87 eggs was recently found in Florida and is the largest ever caught in the state, measuring over 17 feet.

$1,500 grand prizes for killing Burmese pythons

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$1,500 grand prizes for killing Burmese pythons

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South Florida wildlife officials are holding a competition they hope will help eradicate invasive Burmese pythons in the Everglades.

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