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Experts call off search for life in Antarctic lake

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Researchers with the British Antarctic Survey had hoped to drill into Lake Ellsworth, which they believe has been frozen over for hundreds of thousands of years, in the hope of finding microbial life forms that might provide new insight into the evolution of life on Earth. They also hoped the lake floor’s sediments might yield a new record of the Earth’s climate. But the project had to be called off following difficulties with drilling. A statement posted to the survey’s website on Thursday said the operation had been canceled, and it was not clear if or when the scientists would try again. The race is on between nations to search for life in ancient Antarctic lakes. In February, Russian news outlets reported that Russian scientists successfully drilled into Antarctica’s Lake Vostok, which is also in western Antarctica.


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Experts call off search for life in Antarctic lake

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A mechanical glitch has been cited for halting the hunt for exotic life in an ice-bounce Antarctic lake


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