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Security forces killed, abducted in Pakistani Taliban raids

Is Bin Laden Dead?

Is Bin Laden Dead? by Ben Sutherland
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The camps are nearly two miles apart on the outskirts of Peshawar. The militants swamped the camps on foot and in cars around 2 a.m.
A gunfight lasting more than an hour ensured. Together with those missing and eliminated, a minimum of one security force member was wounded. The Pakistan Taliban verified they had the protection forces in custody. The personnel belonged to a tribal police force engaged in battling militants. The northwestern region of Pakistan– near the unpredictable border with Afghanistan– has a large militant presence, and it has actually been pestered by battling. On Saturday, the Pakistani Taliban accomplished a suicide bombing targeting a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa rural authorities in downtown Peshawar, Bashir Bilour. The authorities was amongst 10 individuals eliminated ; 17 other individuals were wounded. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the blast and issued his support for Pakistan “to combat the scourge of terrorism.”.


Bin Laden

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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Bashir Bilour

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Country: Pakistan

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City: Peshawar

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Security forces killed, abducted in Pakistani Taliban raids

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Militants in Pakistan killed two security forces and abducted 21 others in an assault on two military camps Thursday, a government official told CNN.

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