Green Grapes And Red Underwear: A Spanish New Year’s Eve | Synopsis

Green Grapes And Red Underwear: A Spanish New Year’s Eve

Racimo en ciernes

Racimo en ciernes by montuno
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If the thought of watching the ball drop in Times Square again is already making you yawn, consider perking your New Year’s Eve celebration with this tradition from Spain: As midnight nears on Nochevieja, or “old night,” the last day of the year, the entire country gathers in front of television screens or in town squares, clutching a small bowl of green grapes and wearing red underwear. More on the underwear later. The camera of the main national TV channel focuses on the clock tower of the 18th-century Real Casa de Correos in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol while a pair of announcers in formal wear, high above the thousands of revelers packed into the chilly plaza below, quickly repeat instructions one last time.


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As a clock tower rings out 12 chimes, people all over the country will scoff a dozen grapes, hoping for good luck. With several seeds per grape and only a couple of seconds to swallow each one, the task is harder than it sounds.

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Green Grapes And Red Underwear: A Spanish New Year’s Eve

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