‘You feel helpless’: First responders on Newtown tragedy | Synopsis

‘You feel helpless’: First responders on Newtown tragedy


NEWTOWN, Conn. – Ambulance drivers and emergency medical services responders in this “volunteer town” were having an ordinary day on Friday, getting ready to go Christmas shopping, waiting in line at the post office or hanging out at home on the crisp fall morning when the call came in: Their skills were needed at Sandy Hook Elementary. More than 20 members of the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and two of its rigs rushed to the scene of what was first described simply as a “shooting in the building,” but quickly escalated to reports of a gunman — or possibly two — at large on the school grounds and gunfire, lots of gunfire.


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Only a few of the wounded at Sandy Hook Elementary School were brought out for treatment. Everyone else who had been shot was dead, leaving first responders standing by helplessly.

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‘You feel helpless’: First responders on Newtown tragedy

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