Jamaican Fishermen Rescued From 3-Week Sea Odyssey | Synopsis

Jamaican Fishermen Rescued From 3-Week Sea Odyssey

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Two fishermen from Jamaica who spent three weeks at sea have returned home after being rescued by the Colombian navy. John Sobah and Everton Gregory had left on a three-day fishing trip on Nov. 20 but became stranded when their boat engine failed. The fishermen work for the Florida-based nonprofit organization Food for the Poor. The group said the men drifted for more than 20 days and more than 500 miles (800 kilometers). They survived by eating fish they had caught and drinking melted ice that had kept the fish fresh. A Colombian helicopter spotted them, and a boat reached them two days later. They arrived Saturday in Jamaica. The two men told The Associated Press in a phone interview that they are recovering from severe dehydration, malnutrition and hypothermia.


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Jamaican Fishermen Rescued From 3-Week Sea Odyssey

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Jamaican fishermen rescued from 3-week sea odyssey, after drifting more than 500 miles

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