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Disorderly Conduct Charge for NJ Coaster Climber


A man who climbed a New Jersey roller coaster swept into the Atlantic Ocean during Superstorm Sandy and unfurled an American flag on it faces a disorderly conduct charge. Christopher Angelo used a canoe to reach the site Tuesday morning. He put the flag in place and then left the coaster and hopped into a police boat. He was handcuffed, walked through the surf and escorted to a police car on the beach in Seaside Heights. The Lavallette resident says he acted to raise awareness for shore recovery. The remnants of the Jet Star Roller Coaster have become one of the iconic images of the deadly late October storm. Seaside Height police Chief Thomas Boyd tells the Asbury Park Press (http://on.app.com/VTojLx) no further charges are likely against Angelo.


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Disorderly Conduct Charge for NJ Coaster Climber

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Disorderly conduct charge for man who climbed storm-ravaged NJ roller coaster in ocean

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