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Why car sales are strong

55 Chevrolet Bel Air

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Sales of new cars and trucks rose 13 percent to 14. 5 million in 2012. And if they climb much beyond that, they’ll be closing in on a high set in 2005.U.S. auto sales set to reach 5-year high Chrysler reports best sales year since 2007 2013 auto sales will be strong, firm predicts Cheap loans, a host of new cars and greater confidence in the economy are drawing buyers into showrooms. Plus, Americans who hung on to aging cars during the recession are ready to trade them in. Here are the highlights and lowlights of 2012, and what’s coming from the industry in 2013:Volkswagen saw a 35-percent jump in sales in 2012, one of the biggest increases in the industry. The new Passat midsize car was the driver, with sales up 413 percent over 2011.


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Why car sales are strong

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It’s not quite boom times for the American automotive industry — but it’s getting there


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