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5 healthy eating tips for travelers

Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health

Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health by epSos.de
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Making smart decisions is half the battle; the other half is knowing where hidden dangers lie. Consumers are demanding healthier options when they fly 76% of airport restaurants sell at least one low-fat, high-fiber, cholesterol-free entrée Planning ahead will help you avoid diet downfalls, experts say (CNN) — Your stress level could be measured on the Richter Scale. It’s the week before Christmas, so there are a zillion people at the airport. Your flight has been delayed. The kids are crying. Your husband is yelling. Starving, you find the nearest food vendor and order a $12 basket of chicken fingers with fries. Been there? Done that? Eating healthy on the road has long been a struggle for holiday travelers. It’s one of the many reasons people tend to gain a couple extra pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.


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0 “A meal in general is typically the same calories as many snacks,” says Charles Platkin, …
0.238215 “Look for things that are in their natural state,” he says. …
-0.273019 “We often underestimate the amount of time a trip can take,” Platkin writes …
-0.227971 “We often underestimate the amount of time a trip can take,” Platkin writes on his site. “A two-hour flight could mean four or five hours of travel.”
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0.341879 “Most places now offer a variety of healthy options no matter where you stop, so that every traveler can find something they are looking for,” DeGeorge wrote …
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5 healthy eating tips for travelers

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Healthy eating has long been a struggle for holiday travelers, but with these hints you’ll avoid diet downfalls with ease.

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