Man Climbs Storm-Ravaged NJ Roller Coaster | Synopsis

Man Climbs Storm-Ravaged NJ Roller Coaster


Authorities have actually apprehended a guy who obviously climbed up the New Jersey roller coaster that was brushed up into the ocean throughout Superstorm Sandy and unfurled an American flag. The man walked from the top of the coaster and hopped into a police boat Tuesday. He was handcuffed, walked with the surf and escorted to an authorities car on the beach in Seaside Heights. News 12-New Jersey states Christopher Angelo told the channel he wanted to raise awareness for shore recovery. His mom states the 38-year-old lives at his grandma ‘s home in Lavallette. Diane Angelo states her son is a little a daredevil. The remnants of the Jet Star Roller Coaster have actually turneded into one of the iconic pictures of the storm.


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Man Climbs Storm-Ravaged NJ Roller Coaster

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Man climbs NJ roller coaster swept into ocean during superstorm, unfurls flag and is detained

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