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Boeing 787 makes emergency landing

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The plane, bound for Tokyo from Yamaguchi in western Japan, made an emergency landing in Takamatsu after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit about 15 minutes after takeoff, an Osaka Airport spokesman said. Measuring instruments in the 787 jet indicated a battery error and the pilot smelled something strange before all 129 passengers on board and eight crew members were evacuated via emergency slide, ANA and airport officials said. No one was injured.   Federal Aviation Administration officials said Friday they would conduct a comprehensive review of Boeing’s 787 airplane program following several high-profile mishaps, including a fire. But the FAA sought Friday to reassure fliers that they still believe the airplane is safe to fly. The FAA plans to review all aspects of the new aircraft, including design and production. But the review will focus heavily on the electric components of the aircraft.


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Boeing 787 makes emergency landing

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All Nippon Airways Co. said it will keep its Boeing Dreamliner fleet in the air for now after one of its 787 jets made an emergency landing in western Japan on Wednesday.

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