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Tragic calls take toll on disaster crews


Relatives and friends of one of the victims of the Kiss nightclub fire gather during the funeral at Santa Rita Cemetery in Santa Maria, Brazil, on Monday, January 28. More than 230 people died and more than 120 were injured early Sunday when a fire tore through the nightclub packed with university students in southern Brazil, police said. And, for police, firefighters and paramedics, the incessant chirping, bleating and incongruously cheerful boom box beats of victims’ cell phones comprise a soundtrack of disaster. It happened at the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, a commuter train crash in Los Angeles the next year, the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, last July and, again, at the night club fire in Brazil that killed 231 people on Sunday.


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Jim Crabtree

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Tragic calls take toll on disaster crews

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Many disasters like the Brazil nightclub blaze are accompanied by the incessant chirping of victims’ cell phones as desperate loved ones try to make contact. For emergency workers it adds to the trauma.

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