HBT: Weiss leads Matt Williams for Rockies job | Synopsis

HBT: Weiss leads Matt Williams for Rockies job

19950825 09 Coors Field, Denver, CO

19950825 09 Coors Field, Denver, CO by davidwilson1949
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Still many precincts yet to report so these results are tentative at best but [touches the fancy screen, half of Coors Field lights up blue] it looks like Walt Weiss is the favorite in the Rockies managerial race. The Denver Post: With momentum growing toward Walt Weiss’ hiring, the Rockies paused after Matt Williams’ impressive interview for the manager’s job.  The Rockies have narrowed the search for their next manager to those candidates, a major-league source confirmed Tuesday.  Weiss remains the favorite, the source said, but Williams captured the Rockies’ attention, prompting the team to take more time to make a decision that is expected sometime this week. Meanwhile, it looks the the Blue Jays job is going to hanging chads and manual recounts. Just brutal. Former Yankees No. 1 overall pick Brien Taylor sentenced to 38 months in prison for selling crack U.S.


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HBT: Weiss leads Matt Williams for Rockies job


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