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Citigroup to close bank branches in Greece

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ATHENS, Greece U.S.-based Citigroup (C) states it will close 16 of its 37 bank branches in Greece, pointing out the country’s recession-hit “business and economic environment” – becoming the current abroad loan provider to cut down its Greek operations. A statement from Citi Greece said it would keep outlets in Athens and Thessaloniki, the country’s 2nd biggest city, while branches in nine regional cities and towns would close. Greek PM presses for deal on loan
Greece fine tunes its austerity as it awaits bailout
French lenders Credit Agricole and Societe Generale both just recently announced strategies to sell their Greece subsidiaries, as the country heads into a 6th year of recession. Citi presently has regional branches in Corinth, Halkida, Iraklio, Larissa, Kalamata, Kastoria, Kavala, Patras and Volos.


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Citigroup to close bank branches in Greece

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Citi Greece said it would maintain outlets in Athens and Thessaloniki, while branches in nine other areas would close

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