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Stash of weapons, rocket fire rattle Mali city

Timbuktu Main Market, Mali, W. Africa

Timbuktu Main Market, Mali, W. Africa by emilio labrador
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Malian soldiers examine a stick of Nitram 5 explosive they discovered Wednesday Feb. 6, 2013, after homeowners alerted authorities of suspicious bags left by Mujao radicals when they fled Gao, northern Mali. / AP Photo/Jerome Delay

GAO, Mali Soldiers combing deserted jihadist safe houses and sand-dusted roads for tools have discovered industrial-strength dynamites, raising the specter Wednesday of bomb attacks by the jihadists who fled into the desert after the arrival of French forces. As the French started talking about a timeline for a troop drawdown, there likewise were expanding concerns that the Islamic militants could be creeping back toward their stronghold amid reports of clashes near Gao. France’s defense minister stated French soldiers had actually clashed the day prior to with Islamic extremists shooting rocket launchers outside Gao. Among the rockets landed near a tree in a domestic neighborhood.


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Jean-Yves Le Drian

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0.111896 Jean-Yves Le Drian, said troops have found “preparations for a true terrorist sanctuary,” …
-0.123139 “It’s a real war … when we go outside of the center of cities that have been taken, we meet residual jihadists,” Le Drian said …
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Francois Hollande

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Adama Younoussa

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0.179805 “If a MUJAO fighter can set himself up just 10 meters (yards) from here and fire things like this at us, what’s the good of the army being here?” asked Adama Younoussa, …
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Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

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Capt. Samba Coulibaly

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-0.220371 “For every five houses that we search, we find arms in at least one,” said Capt. Samba Coulibaly, …
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Diarran Kone

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Organization: Malian army

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Organization: U.N.

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Country: Mali

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Soldiers combing abandoned jihadist hideouts find industrial-strength explosives; Islamic extremists fire rocket launchers

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Stash of weapons, rocket fire rattle Mali city


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