Beer Sales Help Rebuild Monastery in NorCal | Synopsis

Beer Sales Help Rebuild Monastery in NorCal

San Francisco View from Marin Headlands

San Francisco View from Marin Headlands by Franco Folini
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The San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday that the first stage of the structure ‘s decades-long restoration in the Sacramento Valley town of Vina has been finished, with the chapter house of the abbey now standing. Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst imported the structure in the 1930s for an estate that was never ever recognized. Hearst contributed the abbey ‘s pieces to the city of San Francisco, but the dismantled building sat forgotten in Golden Gate Park for decades. The Vina monks eventually convinced the city to let them restore it there, and with the help of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in nearby Chico have raised millions to get started.


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Craft beer sales help rebuild 16th Century Trappist monastery in Northern Calif.

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Beer Sales Help Rebuild Monastery in NorCal

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