Cold snap chills Calif., but crops dodge damage | Synopsis

Cold snap chills Calif., but crops dodge damage

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LOS ANGELES Winds up to 50 mph added to California’s big chill misery on Monday as farmers struggle to save their citrus crops from sub-freezing temperatures and residents bundle up in record cold. Downtown Los Angeles dipped to 35 degrees just before 4 a.m. Monday, breaking the previous record of 36 degrees set on Jan. 14, 2007. Elsewhere Monday, it was 13 degrees in high desert Lancaster at 6 a.m., 25 degrees in Fresno, 27 in Temecula, 33 in Redondo Beach and Sacramento, 36 in Van Nuys and Palm Springs and 40 in San Francisco. In Angeles National Forest, where overnight temperatures have been dropping into the 20s, Arcadia hiker Danny Kim, 28, was found Sunday night after surviving 26 hours in the frigid West Fork wilderness. Kim was airlifted to a hospital for treatment of hypothermia.



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PrintMedia: Fresno Bee

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Cold snap chills Calif., but crops dodge damage

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Hiker rescued after 26 hours in frigid wilderness; Winds help keep most Southern California crops out of danger

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