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Docking a Behemoth: Triumph on Final Leg to Port


At nearly 900 feet long, the 14-story Carnival Triumph is the biggest cruise ship ever to attempt to dock at Alabama’s harbor of Mobile. Authorities warn that the Triumph’s last leg requires hours of cautious nighttime handling as tugboats alleviate it up a 30-mile ship channel dredged across a shallow bay. The Alabama Cruise Terminal– Triumph’s location — hasn’t seen a regular cruise ship look for it since 2011. Now a small group of veteran tug operators was entrusted Thursday with bringing the disabled ship up the stations, the last jaunt of a nightmarish tow across the Gulf after an engine-room fire left the ship powerless off Mexico days ago. Carnival spokesperson Terry Thornton said Thursday afternoon that he didn’t expect any problems in the last phase of the tow. “Our tug operators are experienced; our ship team is experienced.


Terry Thornton

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0.101701 “Our tug operators are experienced; our ship team is experienced. We don’t expect any difficulties with docking the ship at night,” he said. …
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Jimmy Lyons

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Docking a Behemoth: Triumph on Final Leg to Port

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Docking the Triumph: Cautious work bringing hulking cruise ship safely home to Alabama port

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